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Hassle-Free Downsizing for Seniors in Tulsa, OK

Your children have been out of the house for years, and now you've retired, so you don't need the costs that go along with owning a large residence. Downsizing Tulsa provides real estate services that help seniors who are moving into smaller houses, apartments, or retirement communities. We have helped countless clients downsize, and we know how to make the whole process simple and hassle-free. Depend on us to provide you with knowledgeable assistance about downsizing for seniors in Tulsa, OK.

Reasons for Downsizing

Downsizing your home in retirement is a practical move. As we age, large family homes can become difficult to manage. Many seniors have trouble climbing stairs and maintaining their houses. Moving into a smaller townhouse, apartment, or retirement community is a great way to make life easier. Selling your home can also provide the funds you need to make the most of your retirement.

But moving into a smaller space presents challenges. You will have to decide which of your possessions to keep and which to leave behind. Our team provides real estate services for seniors that require help with relocation. Services include taking measurements of your new space and create a 3D model using state-of-the-art design software. Next, we'll measure your furniture and help you decide exactly what will fit in your new space. Additionally, we'll visit your new home and take measurements of cabinets and closets to make sure there's enough space for what you want to take with you.

Movers Loading Boxes Intro a Truck

Sell, Auction, or Donate

Downsizing is a great opportunity to simplify your life and declutter your home. And our team provides comprehensive home downsizing services. We help you go through all the items that you don't want to take with you and decide what to do with them. Both an estate sale and an auction of your unwanted possessions can help you decrease your belongings and generate extra money. If you prefer to donate items to a good cause, we can also help you with that.

Moving Day

When moving day arrives, we use a trusted contractor to handle everything from start to finish. Professional movers will pack up everything, transport it safely to its destination, and arrange everything in your new home based on the design we created.

Contact us for advice and guidance that makes downsizing easy to accomplish. We proudly serve Tulsa, OK, and surrounding areas.